Smugglers | The Period Panties with Pockets

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Who wouldn’t want period panties with a secret smuggler pocket?! When shark week rolls around MOONDERWEAR Smugglers prove perfect for a holding a mini hot water bottle, or whatever other therapeutic contraband items you might want on hand (or on crotch).

🌙 Serious Leak Security

🌙 Use Fewer Tampons

🌙 Eliminates Use of Pantyliners

🌙 Better For The Environment

🌙 Better For Your Vag

🌙 Perfect Pocket for Mini Hot Water Bottle

🌙 Comfy Rayon Blend Made From Bamboo


MOONDERWEAR Smugglers are bloody brilliant for the first days of your period when you want to apply some soothing heat to your tortured nether regions, and for lighter-flow days when your period starts to say sayonara!!

*MOONDERWEAR does not advise storing chocolate or firearms in your underwear. That’s a mess that you just don’t need. Booze is probably ok though. 






12 BILLI🌎N pads and tampons are chucked out each year - you’ll use 11,000 pads / tampons / panty liners in your lifetime! That's a lot of unnecessary waste ending up in the sea & landfills. Moonderwear can help.


On heavy days, use MOONDERWEAR as back-up for your tampon, pad, or cup. No more leak anxiety. Period.

On light days, just wear MOONDERWEAR alone. This will help you avoid the discomfort & dangers of using tampons on light days, and eliminate the waste & hassle of pads & panty liners. 



To care for your MOONDERWEAR, first rinse them out, then wash them on the cold cycle and hang dry. Don’t use any nasties like bleach of fabric softener that might damage them or your hoo-ha. Btw it's totally cool for MOONDERWEAR to mingle with the rest of your clothes.