How It Works - Moonderwear

Glad you asked!  Moonderwear are designed to capture leaks and neutralize bacteria & smells. They're super-absorbent and wick sweat away too. You'll feel fresh & fancy-free. Just change them like normal, or as needed. Use good judgment, you’re smart.



On heavy days, use MOONDERWEAR as back-up for your tampon, pad, or cup. No more leak anxiety. Period.

On light days, just wear MOONDERWEAR alone. This will help you avoid the discomfort & dangers of using tampons on light days, and eliminate the waste & hassle of pads & panty liners.

Moonderwear hold up to 2-4 regular tampons' worth of fluid (18-40 mL). Absorbency levels vary depending on the style you select. Know your flow, and exercise good judgement. We recommend trying out your Moonderwear at home first before you wear them out and about without a tampon or cup. 



To care for your MOONDERWEAR, first rinse them out, then wash them on the cold cycle and hang dry. Don’t use any nasties like bleach of fabric softener that might damage them or your hoo-ha. Btw it's totally cool for MOONDERWEAR to mingle with the rest of your clothes.