The Chum Bucket - Menstrual Cup

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Ahoy Matey! Blood in the waters?! Then plug up your rusty clamhole with our tried & trusty CHUM BUCKETS!  They’re safe, sturdy, and easy to use. 

Sure they’re great for the environment AND for your pocketbook but have you ever thought about the REAL benefit of using a menstrual cup - ALL THAT FRESH, SUSTAINABLY SOURCED BLOOD! 

Think of what you’ll be able to do with all that extra BLOOD… recruit your own shark army, start your own nutritional line for woke vampires, get into the world of fine art, summon the old ones… the possibilities are endless!

👍    Use Fewer Tampons

🌎    Better for the Earth 

💰    Saves You Money 💰 

🦈   Saves Wildlife



12 BILLION pads and tampons are chucked out each year - you’ll use 11,000 pads / tampons / panty liners in your lifetime! That's a lot of unnecessary waste ending up in the sea & landfills. Chum Buckets can help. 


Pair your CHUMBUCKETS with MOONDERWEAR -  our kickass period panties for DOUBLE THE ECOLOGICALLY RESPONSIBLE PERIOD PROTECTION. MOONDERWEAR are bloody brilliant throughout your period. On heavy flow days, use them with a cup or tampon for serious leak security. They’re SUPER ABSORBENT so on light flow days you can use them on their own! You’ll buy way fewer tampons, no more pricey panty liners, AND you’ll no longer have to endure the awkward struggle of getting a tampon in on the last day of your flow 🌵 nor the dread of having to 💩 right after you’ve just put in a fresh tampon.  Life only gets better from here folks! 

DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee that Chum Buckets used with the intention of luring sharks will result in shark visitation leading to empire-toppling shark armies or unlikely human-shark friendships, and generally recommend against using your menstrual blood to feed apex predators (however, if you don’t want it to go to waste you CAN try mixing it  into your houseplants’ water to give them a little nutritional boost! Yummy! 🍁).


🌱 | Better for the Earth

💰 | Saves You Money

🦈 | Saves Wildlife

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Medium - Medium to Heavy Flow, Average height to cervix / 75% or more of you finger can be inserted before reaching your cervix, 3-4 tampon capacity

Small - Light to Medium Flow, Average to low cervix / about half your finger can be inserted in your vagina before you feel your cervix, 2-3 tampon capacity