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This season, give the gift of marginally more tolerable periods. Choosing the right panty size & style for your special someone can be an awkward task. Why not get them a bloody amazing gift certificate instead?!


🎁    Customized Text on Gift Certificate 

🎁    Printable PDF or eDelivery

🎁    Original AF

MOONDERWEAR are bloody brilliant throughout your period. On heavy flow days, use them with a cup or tampon for serious leak security. They’re SUPER ABSORBENT so on light flow days, use them on their own. You’ll buy way fewer tampons, no more pricey panty liners, AND you’ll no longer have to endure the awkward struggle of getting a tampon in on the last day of your flow 🌵 nor the dread of having to 💩 right after you’ve just put in a fresh tampon.  Life only gets better from here folks! 

🌙    Serious Leak Security

🌙    Holds 2 Tampons Worth

🌙    Use Fewer Tampons

🌙    Eliminates Use of Pantyliners

🌙    Better For The Environment

🌙    Better For Your Vag

🌙    Saves Money 💰 


12 BILLI🌎N pads and tampons are chucked out each year - you’ll use 11,000 pads / tampons / panty liners in your lifetime! That's a lot of unnecessary waste ending up in the sea & landfills. Moonderwear can help. 

🌙 M O O N D E R W E A R 🌙

🌱 | Better for the Earth

💰 | Saves You Money

⭐️ | 100% Quality Guarantee

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